Fitness Equipment Repair for Corporate Fitness Centers


A few years ago, corporate fitness centers were considered novelties reserved for a clique of corporations with the financial muscles needed for overhead costs and maintenance. Today, these facilities are increasingly becoming integral parts of any workplace. Companies, driven by the need for work-life balance among employees, are incorporating fitness centers into work environments.

Studies have shown that workplace fitness programs improve productivity and teamwork while lowering employees’ health costs. However, poorly maintained corporate fitness equipment presents a great danger to your employees and your business as well. The following are reasons why you should repair and maintain fitness equipment for your corporate fitness facility:

Keep employees motivated and interested

Visiting the corporate gym and finding fitness equipment with ‘out of order’ labels is discouraging. Well-maintained equipment will ensure that you generate and sustain the momentum of the fitness program. Broken-down treadmills or stationary bikes will leave employees scrambling for the few remaining functioning ones. Few people will turn up to the center, knowing they will be cramped in a small space, turning turns on a few dumbbells and battling ropes.


Broken down equipment at a corporate fitness facility are health hazards and increase the risk of workplace injuries. In some cases, the injuries from a falling dumbbell or malfunctioning treadmill can be fatal. You need your employees fit and healthy, and preventative maintenance will ensure that the bikes work optimally. 


One of the easiest ways to lower the running cost of your corporate fitness facility is maintenance. Keeping the machines in tip-top shape will reduce your expenditures on new ones. Additionally, well-maintained treadmills or stationary bikes will have a longer lifespan. Overlooking even the slightest damage to your machines may force you to buy new ones.

Keeping up with workplace health and safety standards

Having your gym closed down because of safety concerns can be disheartening. You run the risk of losing memberships and watching thousands of dollars lying idle or rusting away. A closed fitness center can taint the reputation of your organization.

Maintaining your reputation

A corporate fitness gym boosts the reputation of your business. Such a facility can easily tip the scales in your favor when searching for top talents to hire. Maintaining the center further underscores your commitment to helping employees achieve a work-life balance. Well-maintained machines are symbols of care.

A corporate fitness center is a strategic statement that sets your company apart. Keeping the machines in tip-top shape will reduce your operational costs while keeping your employees motivated to continue with the fitness program.                  

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