Fitness Equipment Repairs for Colleges & Universities


Colleges and universities are constantly competing to attract a high number of students every intake year. Today many students take their body fitness and exercise safety very seriously. Most colleges and universities now have fully functional fitness centers to support healthy practices and sporting activities.

The last thing you want a prospective student to come across as they tour the institution’s infrastructure is your fitness room filled with “out of order” signs. Faulty equipment is a health hazard to your students and could even form grounds for legal suits for your institution. 

Fitness Equipment Repair

Repairing the fitness equipment to work like a new one is never easy. There are so many parameters our experts consider to ensure the equipment is safely up and running again. 

The best thing about our services is we repair all fitness equipment in the university or college. We fix all equipment, be it the cardio equipment such as exercise bikes, ellipticals or treadmills, or rowing machines, among other strength training equipment.

Why Should Colleges and Universities do Fitness Equipment Repairs

It is crucial to carry our regular fitness equipment repairs because:

  • It extends the equipment life
  • It is more cost-effective than buying a new one
  • It improves usability and user satisfaction
  • It enhances the safety of users against faulty equipment

We Can Help You

At, we install, maintain and repair all fitness equipment for universities and colleges. Our routine maintenance programs help discover any potential failures in the equipment before they happen. 

We will diligently install new or used fitness equipment for your institution. Our team of professionals has all the requisite skills and expertise to install and repair the equipment the right way to last the longest. 

Experts recommend that the fitness equipment be checked after every 250 hours of use for maintenance. This recommendation helps to make sure everything works perfectly and is in the proper condition. Regular maintenance also means your equipment will last for a long time and serve its purpose. 

We also provide continuous preventative maintenance programs for the colleges and universities’ fitness equipment. Your equipment is safe and well-maintained with such programs, meaning the kids are safer while working out.

Talk to Us

We have been in the fitness equipment industry for many years and understand the importance of having a fully functional fitness center. We have a team of professional technicians ready to service your equipment at an affordable rate. You can talk to us today about any fitness equipment installation, maintenance, and repairs.

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